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About Us

Splashing at array of colors, internalised relation of color bands, and creation of beautiful formations to word of all that is holy and pure - that is Rangoli. The Indian psyche believes that revelation of Rangoli ( Rangvalli ) establishes the Sun family, The existence of Sun-God encompasses light, power, knowledge, health, devotion, opulence, energy. Obviously Rangoli must be seeking to energise natural instincts.

Rangvalli Parivar is seeking to nurture Rangoli as an Art by propagating, spreading, populerising and publishing Indian Culture and Tradition through the medium of Rangoli. Imparting proper training, stressing the importance, drawing Rangoli's at various temples, to decorate the festival premises with Rangoli, thus creating beneficial, holy climate and happy environment on the occasion, Rangvalli has been indulging in these practices.

Rangvalli Parivar plans to bring awareness and attraction towards this art form of rangoli. Rangoli is one of the sixty four main Arts from Vedas, which is being practiced in homes during festivities, in temple; it is a part of Indian tradition as well. Rangvalli Parivar has placed this Art on a special pedestal in the social fabric through the medium of Group ( Samuhik ) Rangoli's using traditional signs. Rangvalli Parivar is committed to enhancing the joy of creation of artistic forms. Its volunteers are striving for properly spreading the Rangoli as an art form through its various programs, exhibitions, competition, demonstrations etc.

It is expected that social orgenisations, enlightened individuals will help the preservation & spreading of this traditional ancient art. This art is not a prerogative of particular society, individual or institute. The entire society deserves credit for the same, Hence all of us should endeavor to help spreading this art form.

Shri Vedavyas Katti popularly known as Ved and Shri Kishor Thakre are the leaders of "Rangvalli Parivar" a team of enthusiastic artists. This Parivar has learnt the art of Group Rangoli and is now keen to involve all those who are interested in this art form. This institute is engaged in spreading Indian Culture and Tradition through the media of Rangoli all over India and abroad by conducting seminars, workshops and demonstration at various places.

The artistic Rangoli's created and demonstrated by the Rangvalli Group of artists have gained a unique place in the minds of the people. In fact Rangoli has become a part and parcel of any auspicious occasion. Instead of the traditional Rangoli, Rangvalli has develop Rangoli by using symbols / motifs from our ancient culture which are in vogue for hundreds of years, rangvalli will continue this tradition of drawing Rangoli's on all auspicious occasions. Its volunteers are working and will work relentlessly to take this art to the masses.

The books of Rangoli ( Rangvalli ) has been published in local language and in english. These books includes easy-to-do methods as also latest advanced forms of Rangoli as well. The books are found to be very useful as a guide to practice various Rangoli forms not only for new learners but for seasoned artists as well. The orgenisation arranges Group Rangoli camps / workshops for new learners, demonstration in various places, Festival of Lights with huge Rangoli in Diwali / New year. This is done with active associations of various social, religious and cultural orgenisations. The objective is to take this ancient Indian Art down to every strata of the society.

Rangvalli Parivar also arranges workshops for nurturing Warli Art tradition and its cultural importance. Parivar seeks to carry the image of tribal social life down to the masses, through its various programs.

Person behind the Project:

Vedavyas Katti (Ved) has had a love for painting, music and rangoli right from the childhood. He is a Graphic designer, he is all set to devote his time to digital paintings & graphic designing on computer, drawing rangoli, orgenising it, playing flute, writing poems”

He devotes his time to social orgenisations, he is a President and founder of `Rangvalli Parivar’ and is a Secretary of ‘RangRasik Trust’ Thane, the institute devoted to propagate & populerise Rangoli as an art and he creates with his teammates beautiful rangolis with traditional motifs as big as 1’ to 100’ in diameter & biggest one was 25000 sq.ft. rangoli, created many editions of beautiful rangoli books, he conducts demonstrations, seminars, workshops to teach rangoli. He and his team has trained more than 26,000 students, Deepotsav a special event takes place on the occasion of Diwali as Festival of Light with big rangoli and diyaa’s and big rangolis on Gudi-Padwa (new year), many other events take place as social work and also works for tribal and rural artists to help them with their paintings called ‘Warli Paintings’ For details can be contacted online on

One does wonder how he manages to find time to do all of this considering he shares his time between careers as an adman, a graphic designer, as a digital painter, as an card maker, as an rangoli designer, as a rangoli orgeniser, as an flute player, as an poet and as an family man he share his time with his daughter and wife.

“Creative satisfaction and Happiness means more to me than anything else. For everything you miss, you gain something else. Life does get busy but the difference is that I enjoy what I do, and therefore do not see why I should consider it cumbersome” Ved says

You can contact this multimedia artist at
91-22-25415545 / 9820414823 or

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